Sherston Boules Festival Trophy & Medals

Earlier this year, we were approached to make the trophy and medals for our local Boules Festival. This was so much fun to do and such an honour to create. Sherston holds a big place in our hearts and so to be asked to design a trophy & medals was incredible. A big thank you to Tea Smart Photography, who approached the committee with the idea of a more sustainable option and for thinking of us to make it.

The idea for the trophy was originally inspired from a few shadow box ideas we have been playing around with. We wanted to include the church, as it's such a large part of the village. Tea had some artwork she supplied us with for medals and also some of the high street - which is where the annual festival is held. 

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly birch wood, the trophy itself is 7 layers of 3mm wood, with a thick base of birchwood that was supplied by Craig from LFL Woodworking. Stewart worked hard to ensure they were all aligned when glued into place!

Its projects like this that make us happy - local, creative and fun! We loved the challenge of coming up with a uniquely designed trophy that will (hopefully!) last years to come.

Vive le sport et Sherston!

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