About Us & What We Do

A simple country-living couple, we started going to a couple of Steampunk events up north and soon fell in love with the entire Steampunk community. Having made our own costumes for years, we quickly realised that there was a hole in the market for those who make their own outfits - either it's ridiculously expensive or you have to buy thousands of them at a time! After a lot of research and phone calls, we created Eilmer's Bazaar.

With the business always growing, we're now able to offer a personalised option for some of our products. From the glass bottles to jewellery, we can customise and engrave various items.

The shop name, Eilmer's Bazaar, was inspired from the town we live in. Eilmer was a local monk that lived in the towns abbey. He was also the first aviator to fly in the country - c1005ad! This was because he decided to jump off the top of the abbey steeple with a magical winged creation of his own design to 'fly' his way to the bottom of town. If you'd like to know more about Eilmer, follow the link here and check out his page from the local museum!

What We Do

We not only make a variety of jewellery & other gifts, but also bespoke items. From dolls house furniture, clothing tags, signs & much more. We recently made the trophy and medals for our local Boules Festival.
So if you have an idea in mind, send us a message. We are always happy to talk ideas through, discuss if their feasible & give it a go. If we haven't done it before, we only charge once the product has been made & you are 100% happy with it.